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Current Trick Listing (2.6)
this list is kind of stupid now that the tricks show up in the menu, but oh well ... for the record, here it is anyway ...

Changes For 2.6:
------------original trick------------------------new trick------------
indy frontflipblender flip
triple kickflipimpossible tail
ghetto birdjudo madonna
heelflip varial lienfingerflip to indy
mute invertburntwist
restored 180 rock n roll
restored hurricane
slightly upped pointage for freestylin'
renamed "primoness" to "primo"
restored ollie north
fixed primos, renamed it rail
From Previous Versions:
---original trick---
---new trick---
spidey grindNEW spidey grind
half-flip casperordered a pizza?
indy backflipholy megaflip
sal flipbackflip (can be spun)
fs/bs nosebluntslidefs/bs tailgrab crook
shove it rewindhardflip rewind
lazy a. grindyeehaw 50-50s
the fandanglethe kneeslide
the big hitterthe funkoslide
onefoot smithairwalking 5-0
onefoot invertho ho ho hangin
FS/BS overcrookFS/BS noseblunt
mute backfliprocket backflip
christ airvarial air
hardflip late flipfrontback kickflip
360 flip to mutehard to lateflip
nosegrab tailslidetailgrab onefooter
kickflip one-foot tailsitdown lazy a. air
hospital flipcasper melon
heelflip varial lien360 flip to air grab
pizza guyyo-yo guy
one foot bluntslideheelflip bluntslide
madonna tailslidecartwheelin 50-50