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this is the complete edited point value list for version 2.6 ...i did this just to balance out some of the tricks, making some of the worse ones (backflips, pizza guy, etc) more worthwile, and taking the points down on a couple ... i based my new point totals on the length of time required for the trick, and the usefulness the trick has ... for example, a backflip used to be a measly 4000 points, while a 720 indy is worth almost 3 times that - also, i made all the stalls worth a good deal more - at least now they're not TOTALLY useless ...

New Point Values (2.6)
-------Trick Name-------
----New Point Value----
Regular Tricks:
180 BS rock n roll1000
360 flip300
360 shoveit150
bs axle stall750
front foot impossible500
gymnast plant2750
hard to lateflip800
ho ho ho hangin2500
inward heelflip400
rock n roll800
blender flip6000
fingerflip airwalk2000
fs 5405000
ho ho handplant4000
hardflip rewind1500
holy megaflip6000
judo madonna2500
kickflip mctwist4000
laser flip1000
nollieflip underflip1200
ordered a pizza?1750+grab points
railpoints increase faster
rocket backflip6000
the 90012000
triple heelflip1250
triple kickflip1250
yoyo guy2750
muska nose manualworth more than one foot nose manual
casper to 360 flipworth more than one foot nose manual